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What’s new in SIA?

date: 2019-09-12author:

Leaders of Wujiang District Paid a Visit to SIA


To celebrate the 35th Teachers’ Day and create a festival environment, Li Ming, Director of Wujiang District, Tang Weiming, deputy Director of Wujiang District, accompanied by other leaders paid a visit to SIA to send their regards to teachers.


This visit is inspiring to SIA teachers as it reminded them of their destiny of being a teacher and make greater contributions to quality education.

Summer Holiday Overseas Study Tour Completed


Last week, the last team returned to SIA after completing their tour to a foreign land, signifying the completion of SIA Overseas Study Tour, covering 12 routes including USA, Germany, Japan, France, Saudi Arabia, and Nepal.  


SIA has been valued the overseas study activities, featuring study + travel. Through participating overseas courses, students are provided with boarder platforms for future development.

 First Flag Raising Ceremony

 Embraced with hope and expectations, on 9th September, 2019, SIA faculty and students lined up on the football ground for the first flag raising ceremony of the semester.