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Administration Team
  • William YOU, Head Principal of SIA

    Famous Principal of Suzhou city
    Previous Principal of Suzhou Experimental Middle School of Jiangsu Province
    Previous Principal of Suzhou High-tech District Experimental Middle School
    “Education should return to its nature, which is to both create a bright future for our students and enable them to enjoy the presence; what’s more, our teachers should find themselves enjoying the teaching process while serving for the long-term development of their students. Our pursuit is to enrich education with happiness.”

  • Wen CAO Academic Principal of SIA

    PHD at the University of Nottingham
    Professor of Beijing Foreign Studies University
    Dean of International Education College of BFSU
    Chief Academic Consultant of BFSU Education Group
    Pioneer of National Teenagers English Education
    “The heights of ourselves decide the heights of our students.”

  • Steven LUO, Vice-principal of SIA (& principal of Middle School Division)

    Member of Classic Reading Expert Team of National Education Department
    Lecturer of Quality Education Project of Jiangsu Province
    Merit Class teacher of Suzhou
    Academic leader of Chinese of Middle School
    First prize winner of quality class of Middle school Chinese in Jiangsu Province
    First prize winner of Suzhou Teachers’ Basic Skill Competition of Middle school group
    “Imagination hits no limits! To provide larger room for students’ development! I together with my team will be devoted to achieve everyone’s dream!”

  • Marie WU, Vice-director of Academic Committee of SIA

    National Model Teacher
    National excellent promoter of moral education
    Expert teacher of Shanxi Province
    Expert teacher of Jiangsu Province
    “Education is not filling a basket but enlightening a lamp.”

  • May Qian, Executive Principal of International Division of SIA

    May Qian Executive Principal of International Division of SIA, BFSU PGCEi certificate National Psychologist senior international curriculum teaching and evaluation expert excellent international school manager Education motto: Develop a passion for

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