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Senior High (domestic) Division 

The core concept of SIA Domestic Senior High Department is to provide students with the structure of combining quality-oriented education with excellent academic achievements and in pursuit of “offering high quality of education to high quality families”. Taking the lead in WuJiang as well as advancing in Suzhou with all students entering top universities are their basic goals. The department is committed to switching traditional education mode to a high-end and delicate talents-cultivation one for senior high, which is characterized by optimizing national curricula, developing diverse school-based courses and offering the personalized and all-round courses service.

The department regards the students’ great virtue and good behavior as their basic aim of cultivating excellent students. The rule of “assessment of students’ virtue and behavior” is a typical way to guide students to behave well and supervise them thoroughly. The systematic self-regulation mode focuses on developing students’ ability of self-reflection and positively promoting students to educate themselves . “everyone is the headteacher and all are mentors”, all the teachers participate in the all-round talents-cultivating system, which provides a pleasant atmosphere where students can enjoy studying and growing up. Based on the needs of students’ future development, the department creates and constructs dimensional curricula system to foster students’ all-round development in an effort to let every student develop physically and mentally

along with academic achievements to shape them to be outstanding and elegant graduates with national roots and international visions.